The New MMC Professional Mapping Drones Made Its World Debut On The Release Conference

In the spirit of continuous innovation, MMC applies industrial-grade UAVs to various fields such as power, public security, fire protection, petrochemical, military, environmental protection and other fields. The drone company will focus on the field of surveying and mapping in 2019. Four new products were launched at one time which are dedicated to solving the problem of surveying and mapping and contribute to build digital cities.

Professional Mapping Drones _20190116152840-1024x667

Professional Mapping Drones

Among  the conference , the “Helios M8” is the most eye-catching one. It is a vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone that can fly for 150 minutes. Lu Zhihui, Chairman of MMC, said: “The M8 is a concentrated expression of our innovations. In order to solve the problem of endurance, we use independent power supply for fixed-wing flight and multi-rotor take-off and landing, which avoids the shortage of power and ensure the endurance. The maximum flying range is up to 200km.”

Professional Mapping Drones_20190117110552-4-1024x487

In addition to the “Helios M8”, three other industrial-grade drones for surveying and mapping were also released individually: “ Kylin” that supports self-planned routes and one-button return; large-load and the long-endurance “Skylla M6” with RTK high-precision version ; “Notus M5 ” of four-rotor that support the RTK high-precision .

Professional Mapping Drones_20190117110543-1024x486

Professional Mapping Drones_20190117110543-1024×486


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