MicroMultiCopter(MMC) Aviation

China’s Leading Creator of Premium-Performance Industrial UAV

We are a leading company in industrial UAV. There are always some works that are costly, dangerous, or even beyond our limits, we strive to think ahead and change it all. With our ten years’ experience in UAV industry, we have come to integrate the industry chain so that every part of the manufacturing is within our control for making high performance UAV products and by so doing we are able to greatly reduce the cost for customers. Our products include UAV, flying platform, flight control system, motor, payload and other accessories. We are now helping clients from all over the world to finish their work in a safer and more efficient way with lower cost. These works fall in such areas as inspection, public safety, search & rescue, surveying & mapping, environmental protection.

We are committed to boosting automation with our high-performance UAV products so people can work in greater safety, by higher efficiency and with lower cost. It is our never-ending pursuing to conquer the sky for human’s good.

Industry Standard Maker

Co-leader Member of ISO UAV Experts Group

The Vice Director Member of the UASA

The Only UAV Expert of SAC


Conquer the Sky for Human’s Good


Human progress follows a revolution in the way we work. Automation is the revolution of our age through which we are able to lower risks, reduce cost and improve productivity at our work. MMC, with its high-performance UAV and industry chain integration advantage, is committed to boosting automation level so people can work in greater safety, with lower cost and by higher efficiency.



We devote ourselves to revolutionizing the way people work for increased safety, improved efficiency and to reduced cost by integrated high-performance UAV. This mission guides all of our members’ actions.


We take every chance and risk to apply UAV into new areas. We always think ahead to break new grounds and set new standards.


Innovation is the foundation of our mindset. We purse technology innovation to support our need for revolutionizing the way we work. We embrace fresh and creative ideas for product design to challenge increasingly difficult tasks.

High Performance

We integrate industry chain, conduct thorough quality management and adopt innovative technology to achieve high performance products. We manufacture each product with high-performance standards so as to complete people’s desired tasks.


Industrial Grade Quality

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