Thyea Z40

Thyea Z40 HD zoom gimbal, the payload used to attach to UAV, is fully developed by MMC and is composed by HD zoom camera, whole aluminium-alloy device body and 3-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal. Features like new-designed modulized port makes it compatible with multiple MMC UAVs,  as well as advanced gimbal controlling and HD transmission systems that process stabilized image uploading with high proficiency even if when zooming in comes to maximum limitation of 40x.

Standard Connector for High Compatibility

Thyea Z40 is installed with UAV payload standard connector that allows for quick installation and release with extreme convenience.





connecting port02

Compact and Lightweight

With compact and lightweight design, Thyea Z40 weighs only 600g, the lightest amongst its counterparts and compatible with various UAVs.

High-precision 3-axial Gyro-stabilized Gimbal

Thyea Z40 is equipped with a high-precision 3-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal system that is able to protect itself from high-frequency vibration. The gimbal uses the latest FOC brushless motor featuring precise and high-frequency response, avoiding shake to any degree during the flight. In the meantime, high processor can precisely control the operation of motor, adjust shooting angle and stabilize images even when it optically zooms in up 40 times.

40x HD Optical Zoom

Human faces that are 1200 meters away can be recognized by using the 40x HD optical zoom lens camera. By adopting the latest CMOS sensor, the camera pixels can be up to 4992×2808, which satisfies the requirements of professional HD photographs.

4K Resolution Recording Mode

Thyea Z40 supports video recording in 4K resolution with an ultra-high-definition image sensor.

Photograph with Accurate GPS Information

All the photos taken by Thyea Z40 come with high-accuracy GPS information, which is useful for problem tracking and solving in later stage.

Gesture Zooming

Thyea Z40 can zoom quickly and easily with a simple gesture on the screen.

Target Point Tracking

Once the target point tracking function is turned on, any target clicked on the ground station screen will be adjusted automatically to the center of the screen, and Thyea Z40 will automatically keep tracking the target.

Double Shock-Absorption

Thyea Z40 is with a special gimbal shock-absorption design to isolate itself from vibration during flight so as to capture stable and smooth real-time image.

Tamper-Proof Industrial
CAN design

Thyea Z40 shooting system with industrial CAN design is highly tamper-proof.






Structural Rotation Range

Static Control Accuracy

Dynamic Control Accuracy

Lens Quality


Video Resolution

Image Compressed Format

Video Compressed Format

Working Mode

Storage Card

Thyea Z40




Pitch: -130°~50°; horizontal roll: -75°~75°; head: ±175°



25 megapixel, CMOS in 1/2.3

40× zoom in; aperture:F1.8~F3.6

1080P, 4K



Photograph, video

SD card (512M-2GB); SDHC card (4GB-32GB); SDXC card (48GB-128GB)

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