MMC UAV Helps Jintang to Cover 100% of Its City Patrol

A few days ago, MMC UAV helped Jintang County’s city management bureau perform its routine patrol by covering 100% of the whole county.  

skylle 1550 patrolling

Before using MMC’s drones for patrol, Jintang County had been using patrol agents as well as fixed CCTVs to perform patrols that were loose and not modernized. The previous approach could not support any follow-up checks on a combined smart city platform like MMC’s.

skylle 1550 patrolling01

It was with the help of MMC UAV that Jintang also started its drone-based, routine patrol. From then on, whenever the Jintang management bureau wants to follow up, it just needs to open its digital platform.

skylle 1550 patrolling02

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