MMC Spider Solution Assist Indonesia PLN to Bring Power To Village in Remote Highmountain Again

As the Indonesian State Electricity Company, PLN (PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara) partner and drone technology consultant, MMC has been invited to assist their power line stringing project again.

This power line stringing project site is in a remote area of mountain in Bengkulu, West Sumatra, Indonesia, the challenge is crossing the high mountain, paddy fields, rivers, dams, steep valleys, wetlands and other complex terrain. To improve the effective, reduce the cost, avoid working accident and environmental damage, PLN choose MMC drone solution of power line stringing “ Spider” as the perfect way to finish this project.

From Oct 10th to Nov 3rd, MMC team has finished this power line stringing project of 4km distance with 13 wire towers.

“Thanks to the MMC drone, we can brought power to the local residents in so high mountain within such short time, we will continue use their drone as power line stringing tool in roughed terrain” said the representative from Indonesia PLN

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