MMC India trained the drone pilots of Ceylex Engineering, Srilanka on September, 2018

The Ceylex Engineering Private Limited, a well-recognized stranded wire manufacturer of Srilanka, has recognized the efficiency of Skylle 1550 drone for powerline stringing and hence they approached MMC India.

Our reputed pilot trainer of MMC India has successively trained 5 pilots of Ceylex Engineering for 10 days from August 27, 2018 to September 5, 2018 at Amithirigala, Colombo.

Along with the pilot training, our skillful trainer had also demonstrated the powerline stringing between the peaks of mountains of about 870m which has the complications such as valleys, dense forest, lack of visibility, gust loads etc.

Our experienced trainer of MMC India had showcased this demo in front of the authorities of CEB (Ceylon Electrical Board) and Ceylex Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

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