MMC India completed professional pilot training for powerline stringing propitiously to the KEC, Nepal

MMC India delivers the king of powerline stringing  to the KEC International at charikot, Nepal who is the leading resource for procurement and construction across the world. Skylla 1550 helps the clients to complete the work efficiently by saving time and money.

drone with intelligent drop system is capable of flying over various types of terrains and improves lineman’s safety along with cabling efficiency. This technology aid the clients to achieve easy & efficient way of stringing over civilian spaces, over river crossing, hot line crossing and steep-head valleys.


MMC India has successfully provided the professional pilot training to the clients of KEC Nepal by the most skilled pilot of our company on April, 2018. KEC International are gratified with our drone service and training at Bhimeshwar municipality in Dolakha district, Nepal. Our company is also capable of providing service and training  in various applications such as aerial mapping in mining region, corridor mapping, Urban mapping, Solar inspection etc.,

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