MMC Drones are Deployed by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Land Resources

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Land Resources had released a series of programs to improve their service at a press conference, the cooperation with global advanced technology enterprises was brought to the conference, and MMC drone technology was particularly mentioned in front of cameras.

MMC representative was invited to brief the main products: A6 plus and Hydrogen fuel cell drone, with the corresponding payload, these drones will become valuable platforms for applications in public security, firefighting, surveillance and agriculture. For example, with a multispectral camera, the growing speed and condition information of crops can be collected and be analyzed, which would lead us to a new chapter of farmland management, especially the large size.

Currently, 4 MMC drones had been delivered to Uzbekistan, the flying training was undergoing as we were speaking. At the same time, the following groups of purchasing orders are under arrangement, A6 plus and Hydrogen drone are all included in the signed contract. Considering the practicability MMC drones already performed and the promising utilization value they would bring, the Committee is sending the representatives for the establishment of MMC Uzbekistan drone factory issue.


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