Pothole Terminator? Check How MMC Drone Used for City’s Road Maintenance

uav road maintenance01

Road cracks and potholes not only annoy drivers, but also seriously threaten the personal safety of drivers and passengers. Therefore, regular road inspection is essential. However, current way of road inspection is mainly by manual inspection with problems such as high resources consumption and low efficiency, difficult evidence collection and poor work conditions, which is difficult to meet the operation and maintenance needs of large-scale road facilities.

uav road maintenance03

Therefore, Jilin Highway Administration Bureau explores and innovates road inspection methods with the help of MMC UAV to carry out road inspection, improves comprehensive inspection efficiency and inspection coverage, which reduces labor cost, and realizes the intelligence and informatization of road management.

Based on “UAV + 5G technology”, UAV surveillance can transmit high-definition images of road surface in real time, and strengthen application functions such as remote return and continuous monitoring, providing visualized evidence basis for subsequent road repair and maintenance programs.

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