3D Mapping

Drone Mapping Application

Terrain Contour Detection
UAV aerial survey technology is a new and efficient land measurement method, which has the advantages of flexibility, high efficiency, fastness, accuracy, low operating cost, wide application range and short operating cycle. Play a very important role in many areas. It also has the potential to help you extend your company's services to new areas.
Land Construction Planning
Drone technology safely maps terrain and property, producing high-quality measurements that are comparable or superior to traditional methods. Whether you are a land developer, a construction engineer or a construction team, using drones for land surveys, you can provide additional ground imagery and a bird's eye view of the urban landscape for planning and development resources.
Investigate Illegal Land Development
Through land surveying and mapping of drones, timely discovering and legally investigating illegal activities of land and resources in the monitored areas, and using scientific and technological means to realize dynamic inspection and supervision of land and resources, early detection of illegal activities, early suppression and early investigation.

Efficient 2D&3D Mapping

Extensive mapping area​

Extensive Mapping Area

Drones can cover a wide range of mapping areas, saving more time

Automated Flight

Automated Flight

Integrated special flight control and navigation system,
fully independent design and precise route

Overcoming harsh terrain

Overcoming Harsh Terrain

Take off and land in difficult or steep terrain, significantly reducing landing and airspace requirements

Process Maps Fast

Process Maps Fast

Quickly process images into detailed maps and 3D models
in the cloud

Broad Compatibility

Broad Compatibility

Adopt unified UAV mission system standard connector, featuring quick-release. Quickly applied to different flight platforms

Automatic report generation

Automatic Report Generation

Export data in the format required by the customer and organize it into an optimal analysis report

Solutio Process


Define the site(s) to map using Etlas Neo II

Choose & configure your high-precision
methodology (e.g. Flight mode, route planning)

Survey one or more sites per flight


Using a drone with RTK+PPK positioning system and
carry a high-definition camera

Control of equipments through ground base stations

Get high resolution orthophotos of the land


Process the drone’s georeferenced photos (choose
local/cloud processing) using Pix4Dmapper

Analyse geo-accurate orthomosaic, point cloud & surface
model outputs


Create client deliverables (contours, cadastre plans,
classified point cloud etc.)

Import survey drone outputs into third-party software
(CAD etc.) as required

Related Products

Precise Positioning
Large Area Mapping

The GRIFLION M8 is a professional VTOL fixed-wing drone with a maximum range of 200km. It supports RTK as well as PPK backward difference for high-precision centimeter-accurate take-off and landing. Global geospatial experts and industry workers use it to fly large-area maps.

Thyea X7

Multi-function shooting, HD mapping image

Thyea X7 high-definition camera PTZ pixels up to 42.4 million pixels, providing camera, video, zoom, shockproof functions; according to different terrain, set different zoom magnification settings, provide a variety of shooting functions. Unprecedented high-definition image quality can be achieved by measuring land.

Etlas Neo II

Remote transmission, sealed design

The Etlas Neo II, a remote control unit,  has a built-in long-distance communication station and a high-definition image receiver with a transmission distance of 8 km. In addition, the seal design can achieve waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and can complete long distance land mapping under severe working conditions.


In order to comprehensively ascertain the land use situation of the whole
district, Zhejiang Province grasps the real land basic data, establishes
and improves the land survey, statistics and registration system, realizes
the socialized service of land resource information, meets the needs of
social development and land and resources management, and decides
carry out land survey work throughout the region.
The task is to complete the classification survey of the status of rural land
use in the region.

Henan Province is planning to build a large-scale hydropower station. After the
completion of the power station, it will mainly serve Henan Power Grid, and undertake
peaking and valley filling tasks in the power grid. It also has frequency modulation,
phase modulation and emergency emergency tasks. At present, the construction
of the power station is in the design stage, and it is necessary to assist the design
and construction of the power station and ancillary facilities according to the 1:500
topographic map of the area of 10 square kilometers in the vicinity of the site.
The measurement scope is mainly concentrated in Henan Province. The main
workload is 10km21:500 scale topographic map mapping. The ground objects in
the survey area are mainly rural houses, fields and mountainous areas.

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