MMC's professional drones include agriculture drone, inspection drone,powerline stringing uav.MMC can provide the uav customization service.
  • Release time: 2017 - 01 - 05
    The consumer drone market may be moving at a rate of knots but equally, the pro-market is changing fast as new platforms hit the market.Prominent Shenzhen manuafacturer MMC has just announced their A6 Plus which is claimed to be a good alternative drone for infrastructure inspection, power line stringing, firefighting and so on. The modular design means that it can carry interchangeable mounts to cater for up to 200 different payloads. Aimed squarely at the industry user, the new UAV weighs in at around 19kg so it falls under the FAA Small UAV classification. It can also carry a payload of up to 7kg.MMC have concentrated on flexibility in itʼs design to try and attract a wide range of industry users. One example is law enforcement agancies where they may require just one UAV to t...
  • Release time: 2016 - 12 - 30
    Since last year, MMC, the professional unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV)manufacturer has established overseas branches in India and Indonesia to serve better of local people in Southeast Asia with client-based preoccupations. Through real cases of helping the locals solve the problems in infrastruction using commercial drones, MMC has accumulated more experience in facing different situations.At the end of year 2016, the Indian branch has brought the year to a happy ending by mine site inspecton in Calcutta, India. The mine site is moutainous so the satellite is weak. Using the industrial aerial inspection drone A6 Plus to implement the inspection task of the mine site faced some problems with manual flying only. Then MMC staff took the ground station to finishi the tasks. The huge area was di...
  • Release time: 2016 - 12 - 15
    Commercial drone manufacturer MMC adoptstelecommunications technology to develop industrial drone solutions that offer a dramatic increase in drone range and endurance. A testing program was developed in MMC’s R&D center in Shenzhen, China earlier this month. The upcoming innovative creation will combine newly developed telecommunications network and MMC’s hydrogen fueled drone series to develop industrial drone solutions with a potential endurance of up to 8 hours and potential range of hundreds of kilometers.While commercial drone development has progressed over the last several years, the effective range of signal and transmission – still not able to reach 10 km – and the flight time endurance of many drones have remained technical bottlenecks. With most drones offering flight tim...
  • Release time: 2016 - 11 - 23
    The annual HIKKMI MUNUAS took place on 18th November, 2016 in Indonesia. The theme of the MUNAS was about how electrical contractors and PLN work more efficiently and professionally to facilitate national grid construction. MMC, the professional drone manufacturer was invited to join this event as its Indonesian branch makes great contributions to the local grid construction.  The HIKKMI is an authorized electrical association committed to grid construction in Indonesia. At this stage the state grid construction fall far behind the original schedule, and the biggest problem that contractors encountering is the land clearance.  During the conference, MMC was invited to give a presentation. MMC introduced global experience of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for utilities an...
  • Release time: 2016 - 11 - 07
    On November 3rd ,2016, Dronetools,a multirotors manufacturer in Spain paid a visit to MMC negotiating about cooperation matters.Its CEO Jorge and Nicolas visited the showroom, the product assemble line in the factory and reordered the flight demonstration. MMC’s technicians introduced drones’ structure, installation and flight principles in the factory. During the reception, the visitors showed solicitude for payloads. So they operated the the megaphone, intelligent drop system, zooming camera and experience the characteristics of the payloads in person.  ( Picture 1: Nicalos and MMC staff were adjusting the latest product A6 Plus in the demonstration field )  ( Picture 2: Visitors came MMC's booth inthe 11th China Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition)Through th...
  • Release time: 2015 - 12 - 04
    Now UAV are widely used in various industries such as Videography / Photography, Real Estate (Commercial and Residential), Marketing, Disaster Response, City/Government, Education, Environment, Climate, Insurance, Aviation, Meteorology, Tourism, Engineering, Inspections, Utilities, Mining / OIL & GAS, Mapping, Construction / Pre-construction, Maritime, Miscellaneous.While what's some inventive uses for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) can you think of?Below we would like to introduce you the top two inventive used for UAVs.The one is power one stringing and the other one is crop pesticide spraying.Power line stringing UAV Spider A6x solution processing.Crop pesticide spraying drone Swift A6x plus is operating.View more professional drones uses at
  • Release time: 2015 - 12 - 01
    TheNew South Wales government has announced that drones will be trialled and aerial surveillance boosted on the North Coast as the government fast tracks the rollout of its $16 million shark strategy.Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair visited the NSW Mid NorthCoast to make the announcement, which will also include the trial of smart drum lines to better protect surfers and swimmers this summer.“There is no easy way to reduce risks for swimmers and surfers. We are delivering on a commitment to test the best science available, including new technologies, as we try to find an effective long-term solution to keep our beaches safe,” Mr Blair said.“These are the first of several trials that will get underway across the state’s beaches this summer as we take an integrated approach to wor...
  • Release time: 2015 - 11 - 28
    Inspecting the tower base is the most difficult thing for the maintenance personnel. Many tower bases and located in mountains which means climbing mountains needed when inspect tower base. This will not only slow down the speed of inspection, but also leads maintenance staff’ work very hard.To this end, China Tower Qianxinan Branch introduced the UAV inspection solution into tower base inspection. The results showed that the use of UAV inspection enhance efficiency of 90%.It is understood that Qianxinan is a Pearl River north-south Pan River Basin which is a typical low latitude and high altitude mountain area. There are about 3,500 rural tower bases at high mountains which are greater than 1000 meters height.It is reported that this time the UAV aerial inspection of the tower base takes ...
  • Release time: 2015 - 10 - 13
    1th May 2013, it’s the May Day long holiday and Guangshen Railyway Mayong section had a serious traffic jam. Related department started using MMC UAV/drone to monitor the traffic condition immediately. MMC UAV ensured the smooth traffic by monitoring the traffic conditions and helps to provide efficient traffic leading solution for traffic department.
  • Release time: 2015 - 10 - 13
    27th Aug. 2015, the first China UAV Show held at Asia European Safety & Security Expositions. MMC multicopter UAV surprised everyone and got consistent high praise from competitors and customers. MMC gains the “UAV Industry Alliance Vice - Chairman Member” and ”Outstanding UAV Enterprise” honour. At that day, MMC performed a fantastic show using MC6-1000 at the first China UAV Show, the two MC6-1000 UAVs one in red and the other one in white made a splendid scene at the spot.MC-1000 is performing, it’s first class stability and manoeuvrability supports various difficulties flying.At the welcome dinner, MMC honourable be named “Outstanding UAV Enterprise” together with other 24 companies because of it’s UAV’s high stability, outstanding manoeuvrability, advanced technique in multicopter...
X8 Octo-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs industrial leader.
  • Release time: 2016 - 11 - 04
    A6 Plus is an upgraded and multi-function drone with various payloads and of high security. Featuring standard“plug-in design,” the drone has a universal mount device. Interchangeable mounts can be installed quickly and easily to change the function of the drone, simply by plugging them in. It can be applied across various fields. Using A6 Plus with different payloads,users can finish industrial inspections, power line stringing, mapping, firefighting and etc.. Contact
  • Release time: 2016 - 11 - 03
    As powerful competitor to DJI Matrice 600 drone (M600 drone), F6 Plus-the high-end aerial platform, can be adapted to many different missions through the use of MMC's plug-and-play payload modules. Equipped with a redundant GPS system, the F6 Plus benefits from extremely precise maneuvering and reliable navigation, making it suitable for industrial applications. The multi-function drone can be widely used in industrial aerial inspection, surveillance, mapping, firefighting and etc..   Contact
X8 Octo-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs industrial leader.
X8 Octo-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs industrial leader.
X8 Octo-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs industrial leader.
MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology Co.Ltd(MMC) specializes in multirotor UAVs. MMC's unmaned drones for sale is the best among the industrial dones.
  • Release time: 2016 - 06 - 16
    Garuda, or a name for a divine bird from both Hindu and Buddhism, is a lightweight inspection solution perfected through numerous construction and inspection government projects in India. With its considerable payload, suitable for most of the telemetry equipment as well as its impressive wind resistance, Garuda solution meets all the necessary requirements for completing the most changing inspection projects. Equipped with the MMC designed, universal accessory mounting plug, advanced algorithms and quaternions for smarter and more reliable data fusion and unmatched position accuracy guarantees, Garuda provides the most sophisticated solutions in the UAV inspections industry.
  • Release time: 2016 - 06 - 16
    MMC Phoenix is the ultimate Drone that can carry heavy payload and secure it while it’s high up in the air. In Utility Inspection, especially when using some very Hi-Tech sensors, which is worth half million, you always want to make sure they are fully secured in the most compli-cated mission and in the worst case scenario.
  • Release time: 2016 - 06 - 16
    MMC Swift is a turnkey solution for precision Agriculture to drive productivity. With the latest spraying system and most useful multi spectral camera,Swift can accomplish two tasks at the most economic cost. With its full drone-to-tractor work flow you can scout your crops, analyze plant health, create prescriptions and begin treatment all on the same day.
  • Release time: 2016 - 06 - 16
    MMC Spider unmanned aerial vehicles are made specifically for power line stringing. the most affordable power line stringing way that can help you to improve your cabling efficiency, reduce costs and ensure safety. MMC Spider can fly over various types of terrain, mountains, forests, cliffs, rivers, lakes and other natural obstacles. Therefore it can prevent deforestation, damage to farmland and general environmental pullution efficiently.
  • Release time: 2016 - 08 - 03
    MMC Swift Mini is a solution develops from Swift solution and used in Precision Farming. It is extremely easy to use and 100% auto pilot, so you don’t have to learn how to operate drone with difficulty. It carries superb camera developed on DJI PHANTOM 3, so you don’t need to worry about NIR camera integration. It can produce the professional NDVI reportquickly and easily,so you don’t need to worry about data processing.
  • Release time: 2016 - 08 - 13
    Oil inspeciton solution is based on hydrogen-powered UAVs to carry out inspection tasks. Using the latest hydrogen fuel cells to create energy where with a larger payload the vehicle will remain 1 to 2 hours airborne. The energy from the fuel cell comes from a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen thus now creating any combustion creating zero risk in oil pipeline inspection.
X8 Octo-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs industrial leader.
X8 Octo-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs industrial leader.
X8 Octo-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs industrial leader.
MMC’s enthusiasm and the effort for the aviation innovation never ends. Following the launch of the Hydrogen drone in April this year, a drone (F6 Plus) for cross-function applications will be unveiled in the near future. What surprise will F6 Plus bring to the public? That is a multi-function drone with interchangeable payloads for varying industrial applications, such as industrial aerial inspection, power line stringing, mapping, firefighting and etc.. Over 200 payloads can be mounted to meet customers’ any needs and solve real problems. Besides, there is a standard plug and play system which is open for development again. Are you still bothered by weak satellite signal? With double GPS, F6 Plus will get enough satellite signal when flying in the sky.The all-inclusive drone will be another milestone in the drone market. Let’s wait and see what will happen.
Release time: 2016 - 10 - 27
The 11th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China) will be held from Nov. 1st to Nov. 6th, 2016 in Zhuhai, Guangdong province,China. International defense companies and aerospace-related companies will gather to demonstrate their latest R&D achievement and find more market niches via communications.    Airshow China is a comprehensive international aviation and aerospace exhibition held in China every two years. It is one of the five world-famous air shows. The exhibition attracts over 700 exhibitors from 42 countries. At the exhibition, more than 900 modern weapon equipment (such as the airplanes, radars and missiles and etc..) will be shown. As the development of civil-military integration technology, the relevant products for civil use, for example, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) will be shown in a designated area. MMC’s presence at the stall--【H6G1】will add a touch of color in this expo by launching the superior products such as the Hydrogen-powered drone HyDrone 1550 andthe F6 Plus-UAV for all industrial applications including aerial inspection, power line stringing, firefighting and surveillance.MMC's HyDrone 1550 is made of the carbon fiber and powered by hydrogen fuel cell battery. It breaks the limitations of the lithium battery for its flight endurance by reaching 3 hours of flight time. Its advantages are long flight endurance, easy operation and high safety efficiency. HyDrone 1550 ideally should take off in the command center and land automatically at the same spot after finishing the task. The responding time towards emergencies much shorter while effective coverage area quite lager. The HyDrone 1550 is not only used in surveying but also in powerline inspection, oil inspection, forestry firefighting and monitoring, etc. Its multifunction makes it one of the most competitive drone in the world.MMC – at stall【H6G1】 welcomes you and is waiting for your visit.
Release time: 2016 - 10 - 20
MMC, the professional unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer goes ahead in full swing by extending its business in Eastern seaboards of China. On 20th September, at Kashan Science and Technology Park in Zhejiang province, Mr. Liu, MMC’s CEO had negotiated and signed a contract with the head of technology Mr. Wang on MMC full participation in the Eastern China project. At the opening ceremony, a week later, MMC’s president, Mr. Lu was also present accompanied with the deputy magistrate of Kashan, and head of the technology park, Mr. Wang. The meeting of the three at the ceremony in Zhejiang marked the beginning of the Eastern China project. “The involvement of MMC in the project is of great significance. On one hand, MMC offers bright prospective as the nationwide leader in industrial UAV sector followed by record breaking overseas sales. The media characterizes it as a new benchmark of the industrial drone field. On the other hand, Kashan Science and Technology Park stands as a perfect initiative zone by providing solid platform for both domestic and internationals investments. Cooperation between these sides is bound to create a bright future.” said Mr. Wang. MMC’s development has been extensive at the very least. So far, MMC has set up four R&D centers in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Harbin and North America and threes international branches, India, Indonesia and the US. The Zhejiang branch stands fifth in line of the MMC’s R&D settlements. As noted previously in other branches, MMC is in Zhejiang to stay. It will take advantages of the given resources, and develop perfect base for both drone procurement and flight training.
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 28
MMC – the professional unmanned aerial vehicles manufacturer brings benefits to the world's largest archipelago country – Indonesia. Commercial and industrial UAVs were not popular in Indonesia because of the lack of information and general views towards the new technologies. However, the MMC product efficiency made a clear case of turning the Indonesian developers Cipta Mitra Andalas (CMA), into early adopters of UAV technology. CMA, a local power line subcontractor from Sumatra – is in charge of the management of power line stringing and inspection of the island. In the past, the inspection work was based on traditional methods of manual inspection. CMA had to employ numerous workers and invest significant funds to complete projects. The most recent power transmission development was crossing 3.1km of palm oil plantation. The estimated expenditure for covering this area exceeded millions of dollars and months in administrative approvals. With MMC’s X6 model--drones for power line inspection, the CMA developers have managed to considerably decrease the expenditures and time, and accomplished the project within a day.   Namely, the X6, Spider solution flew 4 to 10 minutes in order to successfully string two power transmission towers. There were 8 communication towers cross the palm plantation and with the UAV flying at 100 meters height, the stinging went by with promptness and ease. MMC’s latest technology in the powerline stringing offers a solution that is both extremely economical and environment friendly.
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 21
Recently, a report from Taibo Intelligence Unit has captured people's eyes and turned the follower's attention to the industrial drone field. Compared with the commercial drones, which are usually used in photography, industrial drones provide rather specific usage. The current race for improving the service quality and pushing the performance limits in industries such as agriculture, electricity, oil, firefighting and public security is fundamentally increasing the popularity to industrial drones (UAVs). The industrial drone industry develops so fast while it still get much less public attention compared to commercial drones, soTaibo Intelligence Unit has looked into the industrial drone fields and have done a detailed comparison of top 5 industrial drones' specifications including the advantages and disadvantages. Below are the results of analyses.I. AppearanceA6MD4-1000Falcon 8eBeeDraganflyer CommanderSize(mm)1550*1342*4911030*1030*500770*820*125550*450*250873*873*294.6MaterialCarbon fiberCarbon fiberCarbon fiberEPP foam, carbon structureCarbon fiberAxis648Fixed wing4FrameunibodydetachableundetectabledetachablefoldableColorred/greywhiteblack black red/green/whiteWeight(kg)32.651.10.692.75Figure 2The Figure 1 indicates apparent difference between commercial UAV and industrial UAV in terms ofappearance. The largest among the five dronesexceeds 1.5m and the smallestdrone on the list is the fixed wings UAV does not exceed more than 0.5m. In terms of materials, the strong and light-weight carbon fiber goes for the most popular choice. As for the frames, (Figure 3) Draganfly’s Commander uses patentedfoldable techniques, which gain edge over the portability and user friendliness. eBee stands out due to its small fuselage, detachable structure and light weight.Figure 3: Commander II. Flight endurance and payloadThe flight endurance is currently a major obstacle in UAV industry. It is a difficult and expensive problem to solve. Most of the drones on market are able to meet the half an hour flight mark. Without a new commercial powering technology, there will be no qualitative leap forward in terms of UAV’s flight endurance.A6MD4-1000Falcon 8eBeeDraganflyer CommanderBattery Capacity22000mAh/6S13000mAh6250mAh2150mAh13500mAhFlight Endurance (without payload)75min45min22min50min40minFigure 4: Flight endurance Due to the battery of large capacity, the flight endurance of the MMC’s A6 ranks the best amongst the 5 brands. At the same time it should be noticed that the flight endurance of the fixed wings drone has its natural advantage. Though eBee has a battery of low capacity, its flight endurance ranks third, which indicates high efficiency level and cannot go unnoticed.Figure 5: A6In terms of the payload, the industry necessities require versatile mounting capabilities without being limited solely on carrying photography equipment. Complex industrial projects frequently require transport of heavier loads. Yet, if the load is too heavy it may cause stability difficulties. Thus, drone manufacturers follow rigorous testing and optimizations. Figure 6 indicates the testing payload chart including the maximum flight time.A6MD4-1000Falcon 8eBeeDraganflyer CommanderThe biggest mounting weight(g)5000120023002001000Flight endurance(with largest mount)28min25min12min45min20minFigure 6 It is clear that MMC’s A6 pulls the gap by its impressive 28 minutes endurance with 5kg payload. The flight endurance with such a significant payload opens additional possibilities for industrial works of which mounting radars, sensors or professional cameras are but a few. III. User friendlyAn industrial drone is relatively expensive, so it is very important for it to have a quick and easy operational options. Although manufacturers provide user and operational manuals to aid the users with operating a drone, learning cost of the users is the best criterion for evaluating the user friendliness.MMC’s A6, MD’s MD4-1000、AscTec’s Falcon 8 and Draganfly’s Draganflyer Commander cannot function without a remote controller while Sensefly’s eBee can be operated with a clear and user friendly surface via both tablet PC and a mobile phone. Besides the user manuals, manufacturers may also record instructional videos to make the users learn quicker. MMC even provides live videos according to customers’ demands in order to deliver one-for-one guiding service. IV. Industrial ApplicationsDrones have entered the industrial market, but what general public concern is how these crafts will affect their everyday lives. Customized drones for different fields are constantly emerging. The number of agricultural drones for crop spraying, drones for powerline stringing and emergency rescue, aerial photographing and surveying is constantly improving. Figure X is the solution chart for the five models. A6MD4-1000Falcon 8eBeeDraganflyer CommanderFieldsInspection, mapping, firefighting, emergency rescue and public safetyInspection,firefighting inspectionInspection, mappingInspection, firefightingFigure 7 Generally speaking, the application of drones relies on size and quality of cameras. The basic application of the all the tested five drones is inspection. MMC, however, offers different solutions within the field of inspection, depending on different demands. The reason for it, is the exceptional payload, long flight endurance and generic gimble that all of its products have.  V. PriceApart from the characteristics, the price(figure 8) is another important, if not the most important factorfor positioning a good all-around UAV. Unlike the entertainment drones, the industrialdrones’ price is relatively higher, andmay vary due to the customization.A6MD4-1000Falcon 8eBeeDraganflyer CommanderPrice (dollar)18,50030,00025,00025,00025,000Figure 8
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 08
MMC – the professional unmanned aerial vehicles manufacturer with its international branches (USA, India, and Indonesia) is devoted to making the world better and better place. Recently, MMC’s Indian branch has offered a satisfactory solution and successful inspection service to Suzlon Energy Limited – Pioneer of Wind Energy in India and India's largest wind power Equipment Manufacturing Company. Suzlon Energy Limited, ranked as the world's fifth largest wind turbine supplier, claims to have over 14,800 MW of wind energy capacity installed globally. With operations across 19 countries and a workforce of over 7,000, Sulzon is in charge of over 4000 places of wind-generated electricity across the country and 700 branches of wind-generated electricity around the wind field. In the past, the inspection work was based on traditional method of manual inspection. Annual inspection takes 3 months for completion of 700 location for wind-generated electricity, leading to a big problem for the inspection work-time consuming and energy wasting. Through cautious investigation and testing, Suzlon has picked MMC as a partner. MMC has dispatched its piloting team for industrial aerial inspection with its A6 model to execute the given task. The average height of wind tower is around 75 - 120 meters. A6 with its 6-axis high endurance capabilities has reached the necessary height without any problems. The inspection scheme and route planning include the hovering points and photography points. They have been designed to suit the situation of the wind field. The drone inspected the blades, generators and the general situation of the whole towers. As a professional drone manufacturer, MMC has its own production streamline, R&D department, and service providing sector. MMC’s production range comprises of drones for precision agriculture, drones for powerline stringing and inspection, firefighting, security, emergency rescue, and drones for mapping/GIS. Among such, A6 is one of the best for inspection. Its significant payload (18kg) provides supreme service to all the clients in the heavy industry inspection, firefighting, and emergency delivery.
Release time: 2016 - 09 - 02
The 15th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo(CIEME) will be held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center from 1st to 5th September. At the exposition, cooperating with Han’s Laser, MMC’s biggest investor, the company will demonstrate its latest R&D achievement.    CIEME is the largest equipment manufacturing expo in China. With area of 1 million, 70 thousand square meters, the exhibition hall welcomes 10139 companies with 45020 booths. It provides a platform for equipment presentation, information trading, business negotiation and various other cooperation. MMC’s presence at the stall--【E3-B48】will add a touch of color in this expo by launching the superior products such as the A6 – UAV for Industrial aerial inspection, F4 ,F6 – UAV for crop spraying and the Hydrogen-powered drone, also known as HyDrone 1550. MMC's HyDrone 1550 is made of the carbon fiber and powered by hydrogen fuel cell battery. It breaks the limitations of the lithium battery for its flight endurance by reaching 3 hours of flight time. Its advantages are long flight endurance, easy operation and high safety efficiency. HyDrone 1550 ideally should take off in the command center and land automatically at the same spot after finishing the task. The responding time towards emergencies much shorter while effective coverage area quite lager. The HyDrone 1550 is not only used in surveying but also in powerline inspection, oil inspection, forestry firefighting and monitoring, etc. Its multifunction makes it one of the most competitive drone in the world. MMC has always been committed to developing mature solutions for drone applications and establish ecological industry chain for high-efficient use integrating various sensing system and equipment. MMC – at stall【E3-B48】 welcomes you andis waiting for your visit.
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 25
Over the past few years, commercial drone industry has gone through a massive expansion. The matters in the UAV department are sealed; the drones are here to stay as a vital part of human industrial and entertainment activities. Experts predict even bigger expansion in particular fields of agriculture and inspection.The presence of agriculture drones has become so immense, that in China, the leading third-party online payment solution, AliPay is offering an option of ordering online a UAV pesticide spraying service. People are able to rent services of various solutions. As mentioned before, drones are entering the agriculture in a big way. The precision farming has been around for a while now, but the technological improvements and a drone production cost reduction have made this solution accessible to many midsize and smaller businesses.  The development has gotten even more interesting when companies started incorporating more than one solution onto a vehicle. MMC’s F4, yet another agricultural drone amongst many, offers a unique combination of options; spraying the pesticide option while equipped with various NIR cameras the other option simultaneously generates (via a separate software) a precise crop analyses. Software applications used in inspection, construction and 3D mapping have also become an option when dealing with big companies. At the moment, the very blueprints of constructing a drone are available online in an open source format. It is out there for grabs by any avid enthusiast to dive into and put a personal touch to the functionally and the design of the drone. Although, the demand for drones is high, more and more companies do not meet the necessary sales margins to stay afloat. General consensus for this misfortune is the lack of “customization” to clients’ needs. It has become obvious that the solutions play the key part in actualizing the sales. Knowing this, many companies have decided to venture themselves into developing not only drones but the actual solutions that come with pre-installed software, user friendly interface and appropriate hardware adjustments. MMC’s F4 and F6 , the agricultural drones, is the prime example of modifying a drone specifically for the purposes of prestige spraying.
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 23
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